So I decided that I need to build myself a proper workbench NO MORE workhorses and doors..... I found a design online a website called Hammerzone, that all it took was some 4×2 AND OSB.. Im tweaking the design in both size and materials as you can see in my Sketchup model.

The frame will be built with 4×2 but the upper workbench will have 2 layers equaling about a 1" thick, the substrate layer will be 1/2" OSB and the worksurface will be 3/4" MDF. The bottom shelf will be 1/2' MDF.

Since Ive been used to working on a door , I am building the surface to be the same size 78" x 30". Its huge but I gor the space and sometimes I got 2 projects going simultaneously and I need the room.

I know that a workbenches primary function is to hold work materials and I know that eventually I will need to add dogholes and vises but to be honest I cant afford either at the moment.. I guess this workbench will be my work in progress for a little while.

In the months past I have added an upgrade and I built my own Moxin vise out of pipe clamps and you can find that project on this site.

I also created a blog detailing my project here