Workbench Storage

I knew eventually that after a year or so I needed to convert all the space in my workbench to useable storage space and I decided to draw this plan together on my trusty Sketchup

.. the materials I used was 
: 1 sheet of 3/4" MDF for the frame of the unit
: I repurposed some 3/4" plywood for all the shelves and whatever scrap I had leftover from other projects..

I used my Kreg K4 Pocket hole jig to join the frame together and supported it into the existing base and top of the workbench and glued it as well..

since I needed a lot of shelves and they also needed to be adjustable for future needs I used my shelf pin jig also from Kreg and they worked out awesome.

at the end of the whole project I now have storage space for all my small power tools and fences for my various portable units ( eg router table fence), Kreg jigs, sanders, circular saw and the like.. And not to forget my drill press and table

I have to say for $40 this project turned out better than I expected and I also put all my stains,finishes and glues all within reach of my my main project assembly area..