Workbench Clamp Organiser

I decided that the clamp Organiser that I made a year ago has outlived its usefulness. I saw this design online and it's suitable to store C-Clamps and Quick Grip clamps.( the c clamps are held by its handles and not the jaws, and the quick grip are the opposit of that in which you physically clamp them to the face of the box). If you look at it its basically a window box design, and I put a base into to to hold other types of clamps that I own which include right angle clamps and belt clamps.

I had some 1×6 pine board leftover and I decided to use it for this project.

It's 27" wide x 5.5" high and it's all put together using my handy Kreg Pocket hole jig, and it worked out awesome...

It's easy to make and very functional because I attached it to the end of my workbench where I use them most of the time.

Hope you find it useful ...

-- Ed