Tools Charging Station

I was that busy making stuff for other people I wanted to scratch something off my workshop bucket list and here it is..its made out of shop scrap so there are probably 4 different types of material in it (pine, repurposed window board, mdf.

The drills are mounted on 4 T supports made out of pine and mdf.

The dimensions are 20" wide, 13" high and 8"deep.... I would ultimately like it bigger but I ran out of wood and wall...

My biggest problem with this problem was mounting it to the wall, it took my FOREVER to drill 2 inches into concrete to put the bolts and to be honest it really deterred me from doing this type of project in the future.. I was using my brother in law black and decker hammer action drill and it took me so long I eventually just put to holes into the wall with bolts and attached a wooden stud to the wall so as that I could screw the unit onto the wall....

I am wondering was I doing something wrong or was it the bit I was using that bad?????

I saw this plan on and I had to purchase the plans they were $2.95 and if you want the plans you can buy them at this site..I've attached the website link here