Tablesaw Sled

So you can see from the below image the dimensions of the sled to fit my Black&Decker tablesaw...

The first thing I did was assembled all the supplies that I needed and luckily enough all I need was some double sided tape... Here is the list

A. 24×24" 3/4" sanded plywood
B.1×3 x24" of oak ...I used some leftover (back rip fence)
C. 2×6x24" ...I used some pressure treated wood I had leftover because I want the the rip fence good and thick so I could hold on to it, and keep my hands as far away from the saw as I could get.

Step 1...measured the mitre slot on my table to see how thick I needed it to I could cut the oak sliding piece so it would fit nice and did not have any give... then I put some double sided tape across it so as that when I placed the sled on to it it would adhere temporarily .
I pre-drilled my holes in the mitre slide so as that all I had to do was screw into the underside of the sled to secure either the front rip cut fence and the back rip cut fence.

Step 2... Made all the cuts for my front rip cut fence with the jigsaw
Step 3...Placed the sled onto the mitre slot slide that I created made sure that it slid smoothly 
Step4.. secure the back rip cut fence...
Step 5.... finally turned the Machine on an cut the sled in order for the blade to be received for the sled.... And it works far all my cuts have been 90 degrees

-- Ed