Seating Bench

So after doing a few projects with my son, I decided one of 2 things was gonna have to happen.. I either I build him a little workbench for himself or build a platform for him so he can sit on to use my workbench and I came up with this.... its a seat that 30" high 15.5" wide and 32" long. it can also double as a little work table for him and its perfect height.

I had that much 2×4 after building my own workbench I didn't have to buy much. I did however have to buy 2.5" pocket screws for my joints and I reinforced the seat design with additional 2×4 braces... its very very sturdy......

I still have to screw the seat 2×4 to the frame and sand it down... but this is the bare bones of the project..

Im thinking of using my forstner bit to bury the screws into the seat and then plugging them up with some 3/8' hardwood plugs..what do you think??

Ill edit the project once everything is completed so as that you can see the final bench.