Router Cabinet

One of the first tools I got was a router it wasn't very expensive but I decided that after woodworking for a little while I figured I got do a lot more with the router if it was mounted inside a unit.

The unit is made of poplar, pine, MDF and plywood. If you would like to see my blog that I created during its construction I've put a link here detailing the step by step build. The blog has details on all aspects that I detailed below

There were 4phases of the project

1. building the cabinet to house the router

2. The drawers

2. The router table 

3. The fence for the table..

This type of project was an awesome learning experience in so many different woodworking techniques and it's one of my favorite tools to use. For those of you that don't quite know what a router is designed for its basically a wood shaper you can get a multitude of bits that each provide its on unique shape.


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