Drill Press Table & Fence

I wish I could take credit for this drill press table but I cant the design belongs to this person on a website call thiswoodwork.com.

Anyway I'm back to using up more of my MDF and this time the actual plans call for this material and it worked out awesome.

I cant wait to getaway from MDF because anytime I make something with it my whole shop gets destroyed with dust particles and I always wear mask when using it.

1st: I used a piece of MDF with dimensions of 24"x 15" x 3/4" I cut 2 sliding track into it (on the left and right of table)about 1/2" wide.Then used my drill press to bore a whole into it to receive my bolt so as that ultimately my fence can slide forward and back.

2nd : I drill 2 holes to attach the table to the drill press table, secure it with nuts and bolts.

3rd: Start building my fence dimensions 24" wide and 2.5" high...I also made the track in the face of the fence by routing a 1/2" section and then placing 1/4" hardboard over it to create the "T" SHAPE used pocket screws and glue and angled wood to keep the "L" frame of the fence at 90 degrees.