Adjustable Workhorse

Although I have 2 great workhorses in the shop I wanted to reinvent them or repurpose them to suit me more, when I built the first 2 workhorses about 3 years ago they were my workbench since then I have built a workbench and wanted a multi- height workhorse and I found this design here:

This link will lay out step by step how you build this ( with text and or detailed pictures), although I basically broke down my original workhorse I got about 80% of the wood I need I just needed to get some 2×2 and 1×4 and all the nuts and bolts and the dowels,

I really like this idea because I can make the workhorse fit all the different heights in my shop, ie the bench, original workhorse and my table saw possibly to use as an I feed/out feed table…