Website Purpose

This website is designed as a type of catalog site of all the projects that I have made, I am not a professional carpenter but rather like to think of my woodworking rather in terms of a hobby.

Therefore although this site will  eventually have all my past projects and future ones as well I will only post finished products with some hint of design. My main project building efforts will be posted on a community website called Lumberjocks and I have placed a link to that page below.

On the Lumberjocks site you will see more of the step by step process I take in the designing and finishing stages of my projects. Also I have placed widgets on this site that will lead you to .

I hope this simplifies what it is I'm trying to achieve  with this site, if you like a piece that I have made feel free to reach out to be at the contact information on this site and I will help in whatever way I can. 

My hobby is woodworking and not website design so I hope this explains  the reasoning behind what I'm trying to accomplish here, which is quite simply a catalog of projects that I hope will inspire other hobbiests to try there hand at.

Take Care