Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig

Although this isn't a power tool I have to mention this awesome tool, if your a beginner woodworker like me and woodworking joinery scares you this is a fantastic tool.

The jig basically takes all the angles out of joining multiple pieces of wood together the jig is basically a clamping device that sets up all the wood to receive pocket holes that you screw self tapping screws into the pocket holes and build anything from a bookcase to a my most recent project a Cedar Cooler Box for which you can see on my link below

I also built a mounting platform for the jig that contains a drawer and you can find this project in the below link

Kreg K4 Mount and Drawer Project

My cedar cooler box

To find out more about the K4 jig please visit the below site for jig details and a video detailing what the jig can do.

Kreg K4 Kit

Kreg K4 Promotional Video