Cedar Napkin Holder

I eat out on our deck a lot and I was tired of having my napkins blow off the table, so I saw is item on Pinterest and thought it would be a great idea to build one.

I used some leftover 1x4 cedar I didn't have 1 piece wide enough to I used my trusty Kreg pocket hole jig to join 2 pieces together, and routered the base to give it some curve appeal and then sanded it all down and put a couple coats of shellac on it.


(3) 1x4x10 joined the 2 pieces with Kreg pocket screw

(2) 1" diameter dowel 4.5" long

Step 1: cut 3 pieces of 1x4 to 10" long

Step2: routered 2 pieces along the outside perimeter

Step3: drilled 3 pocket holes along the long joint line and insert the screw and glued along the joint line

Step:4 used my drill press to drill 1/2" deep to receive the 4.5" dowel

Step 5: using the drill press drilled 1" diameter hole right through to act as a weight to keep the napkins in place while sitting in the dowels ( I had to use my drum sander attachment to widen the holes so the weight board slid up and down the dowels easily.

Step 6: sanded and put 2 coats of shellac on all pieces.

It looks great and above all it's functional