Cedar Cooler Box

So we decided to redo our deck in the coming weeks and I thought this piece would make a great addition.

I also made a blog detailing the build so I won't go into too much detail describing the steps. I used Sketchup to design the piece and since I already had a 48 quart cooler in the basement I made the dimensions to suit that.

Here is a link to the blog detailing the step by step build, it also has a shopping list of supplies for what I mostly used.

I also just purchased the Kreg K4 jig which is designed to easily places pocket holes and I have to say it's a fantastic product .

I hope you like it because i spent alot of happy hours building it and I used almost every tool I own and a few new ones making it

After a few comments and realizing that the cooler full of melted Walter I needed a way to get the water out of there, so I was in The Home Depot and I found this product called a gripper and it worked awesome


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