Thank you for visiting my site and please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little about me .

I live in Massachusetts , USA . I am a stay at home dad for the last few years and I have 2 young sons and a great wife.I've been only woodworking for about 2 years now, being a stay at home dad I needed a hobby and ever since my first project 2 years ago I've made woodworking a little passion.I learned a lot in my journey thus far and the best part is that there is always more skills and self improvement to go.

I started off with some very basic hand tools and over the past 2 years I've added some tools, built some homes for them and even cleaned up my basement to improve my workshop

My very first woodworking project was to build a raised bed for our vegetable garden and that's when it happened I really enjoyed working with the wood and using my little bit of knowledge to create something that was unique and although there are a lot of different variations on what I make nothing is quite the same, and that's why I like woodworking.

I made this website for a couple of reason's primarily to have a place that I can visit my past projects, also for people out there that are looking for the next project idea, as I do very frequently.

Have a great day