Nail Polish Box

There is a longer story than this but the long and the short of it is my wife needs a better more sturdier box so I came up with this simple idea and put my own touch's on it and I decided it would be a Christmas gift for her.

Its basically made out of oak and pine.

The sides are oak and the back and front are pine. I cut a dado channel so as that I could slide the base and the lid into place. I glued the bottom into the lower dado channel as well as pocket screwed the inside together.

I made the lid out og 1/4'' oak plywood and stained it walnut I figured it would provide good contrast to the pine and the brass side handles.

After I had just completed the box unknowns to my wife she was complaining that she needed a bigger box that she could put some of then nail accessories...soooooooo

The black tray you see in one of the pics.. its basically sitting on 4 corner pillars ( for lack of a better descriptive word) and attached a wooden knob

-- Ed