ZigZag Corner Shelving Unit

I saw a project online similar to this one and I had just bought my Kreg K4 jig and thought to myself this is a perfect project to start using the jig.

My unit was made out of 1×12 pine board and I needed (2) 8' lengths to get a unit that has 5 shelves in it..I attached some Sketchup drawing below to give you an idea of dimensions, but the beauty of this project is you can add or remove the number of shelves to suit the space it's going into.

Step 1: Cut all pieces . My design was easy all the pieces were the same size , because I used 1×12 ( actual dimensions .75" x 11.25".. That is the length I cut them all to so as that I would have a total of 
Qty (10 @ 11.25" sq) ( 1) at 6" high and 11.25" wide as the footer piece.

Step 2: Kreg Jig.. Place pocket holes in all necessary pieces make sure you know the orientation of the unit so you know where to place the holes in order to conceal them. I used 30 pocket hole screws.

step 3: round all corners , I attached a drum sanding bit to my drill press and banged them out in no time ( basically any corner that's outward facing that doesn't abut any other piece of wood should be rounded.

Step 4: attach each piece of the unit together, this was a little tricky the longer the unit got from each shelf but you just need to take it slow

Step 5: Sand, stain and poly...

-- Ed