Student Desk

My son had asked me to make him a desk and since his room is not the biggest I decided to custom make his desk to the room and his dimensions.

The Materials:
(2) 2×4's
(1) 1/4 sheet of birch plywood 3/4" 
(1) 1×12 pine select board
Pocket Screws 1.25" &2.5" 

Design :
The left side of the desk is basically 2 legs (2×4) and 3 supports also 2×4

The right side is basically 2 pieces of 1×12 butted together and joined using pocket hole screw and the plugs are hidden with walnut pocket plugs and sand flush to the surface

The back is also 1×12 with a series of pockets to adjoin the pine to the 2×4's and the pine board on the right..

The top is 24×36 3/4" birch plywood secured from the underneath through the 2×4's on the left and pocket holes from underneath on the pine board ...

I finished the whole unit with stain and 3 coats of poly.

He loves it and should last for a long time...

-- Ed