Mail Sorter Unit

I have been slowly building projects that organize sections in my house. I am tired of all the mail that I get into the house and some items are kept for a short period of time.

So I built this 3 slot( for 3 people) mail sorter and shelf unit.

Its made out of 8×1 pine, and I routered the top base with a dado in it so as that I could just slot in the dividers and glue them into place. I cut the dividers with a jigsaw after making a simple cardboard template and them sanded them all together so as to get the exact same profile for each piece.

I was going to put back onto the unit but I didn't because of 2 reasons it was plenty sturdy and the see through back actually blends the unit into the kitchen wallpaper with the colors I painted it.

The cons: I went around one of the corners with the router and took away wood when I didn't want too( I should have used a stop block!!!) I had to put wood filler in and sand it but it doesn't look too bad or too good either (lesson learned). *I also over routered it (the vertical pieces didn't need it and because they were vertical the base didn't blend with the wood I took away so I just cut the corners off.