Display Plate Stand

My son hand painted a plate and he brought it to a kiln on a school tour where they fired it and I have to say the tie die he used looks awesom, I found a project online here and I thought it would make a great project to display his treasured plate.

My version of the stand is a little different because the plate isn't huge and as always I used what stock i had leftover from previous project , recycle and reuse .

Pieces Need
1 1/4" sq x 8" (2) stock
3 sections of 1" dowel ( 5", 2.5",2.5")
Sandpaper and stain

step 1: cut all my pieces to length
Step 2: cut out cross lap joint section so each piece of the base sat inside each other
Step 3: used my drill press to bore out 1" holes for the dowels in a triangle formation to support the plate
Step 4: sanded and stained the piece, I on,y strained the base so as that when you flipped the stand over you could see the wood contrast with the dowels.

I drew up some plans in Sketchup detailing some dimensions